You stink of electronic cigarettes?

Many of us know the disgusting smell of smokers who have just smoked a cigarette. You smell like an ashtray. Even if smokers themselves no longer notice or accept it – a Non smoking takes this a much stronger smell than the smoker can imagine.

If you switched to the e-cigarette, then you will experience after only a few days even.

so how is it with the E- Cigarette? You stink like the electronic cigarette as well?

So tastes are different. And the smell from the mouth is primarily on the Liquid. However, it should directly said at this point that the intensity of the odor is much less than one might suspect that.

Someone who is staying in the same room as an e-smoker might perceive one or the other Geruchsnyance under certain circumstances, but it is actually very decent. Finally, the e- cigarette works with taste flavors – which were not designed to smell.

They smell, of course, a little bit. Some more, some less, and usually they smell of the aroma of Liquids.

So if, for example, evaporated Wild Rose that spreads the fragrance of roses. The smoke, however, widespread ” Ashtray”

Who would actually voluntarily buy ashtray -Liquids?

The e- smoking even smells from the mouth a little after his Liquid. However, not kinda weird but just according to what he has just evaporated so. Wild roses, cola, peach, cherries – just what you want.

Whether someone cherry smell as stink perceives – well, why not, but then there is no doubt that it stinks, but it smells just like it smells – and that one must not like, but it does not stink.

At least we don`t not really know smelly liquids – but perhaps there are Liquids with cheese flavor.

In this sense, if you ask yourself if your mouth stinks you use the e-cigarette. Of course not. And the clothes do not stink because the liquids in general rather than taste and smell when you smell, then usually discreetly in the background and not at all disturbing. Many of you take no notice.

We even had time a Non smoking almost blown to Propzwecken ” in the face” (of course after approval ) and he did not feel the smell as nasty or unpleasant.

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E-cigarette as a tobacco

The e-cigarette is not only healthy substitute for the poisonous tobacco – in fact the e-cigarette is rather a new way of enjoyment. And also as a luxury it is often healthier than other foods, such as sweets.

The e-cigarette as a device is actually nothing more than a device for the evaporation of substances – besides nicotine (optional), primarily for the transport of taste. An inexhaustible variety of flavors makes it so “snacking” to the user in a simple and effective way to.

As an example we take fruity or sweet flavors such as chocolate, chocolate mint or orange or strawberry.

Many like these tastes and are used to this the only way to get that they consume appropriate food or candy or other sweets which are mostly high sugar content.

With the e-cigarette, the taste is only temporary. It requires no additives such as sugar, cream or fat around this flavor to be tasted. A liquid with strawberry flavor tastes like the beloved strawberry candy or strawberry ice cream. But even without cream, no sugar without calories!

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With the e- cigarette (and here the name is actually inappropriate), it is a pleasure, because you can snack without feeling guilty. In this sense, the e -cigarette is just a real pleasure means. So you get these tastes also needs it no nicotine. Strictly speaking, not even inhale necessary. It is enough to let the steam come up with the tongue. Connoisseurs keep the steam longer in the mouth and experience a wonderful aftertaste.

Snacking without the calories. Better than using the e-cigarette as it gets. Free of calories, free of other substances and absolutely harmless.

Everyone who consumes a candy, ice cream or a fruit yogurt usually gets it also flavors – often exactly the same as they are also used in liquids.

Try it today and in the future as much snacking as you want.

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